Embrace the Elements: Your Companion for Every Ride 
Whether you’re braving the winter chill or cruising through a summer breeze, the Sportex Gear Air Mesh Suit is your steadfast companion. Designed for the dynamic rider, our suit adapts to all conditions, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever the road throws your way. 

Winter Warmth and Comfort 

With the thermal lining zipped in, your Air Mesh Suit transforms into a fortress against the cold. The snug fit retains heat, keeping you comfortably warm even on the frostiest rides. The suit’s Cordura material is not just tough; it’s a shield against the wind and rain, ensuring you stay dry in the saddle. 

Summer Coolness and Breathability 

As temperatures rise, simply remove the lining to unveil the suit’s true breathability. The air mesh design allows for optimal airflow, turning your gear into a cooling system. Even during a sudden shower, the Cordura’s water-repellent properties offer protection, making the suit shower-proof to a certain extent. 

Enhancing Water Resistance 

For those seeking extra assurance against the rain, we recommend treating your suit with a high-quality waterproofer. Products like Nikwax or Grangers can enhance the suit’s ability to repel water, ensuring you remain dry during unexpected downpours. 

Recommended Waterproofing Brands 

Nikwax: A leader in waterproofing solutions, Nikwax offers a range of products to keep your gear in top condition. 
Grangers: With a focus on performance and sustainability, Grangers provides waterproofing that’s both effective and environmentally friendly. 
Scotchgard: A household name, Scotchgard’s fabric protector is another excellent choice for maintaining your suit’s water resistance. 

Care and Maintenance 

To ensure your Sportex Gear Air Mesh Suit remains in peak condition, follow these simple care instructions: 
Regular Cleaning: After each ride, wipe down the suit with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. 
Deep Cleaning: Occasionally, hand-wash the suit with a mild detergent and air dry it away from direct sunlight. 
Waterproofing Treatment: Apply a waterproofing treatment every few months or after intense exposure to rain. 
Your Sportex Gear Air Mesh Suit is more than apparel; it’s a commitment to comfort, safety, and versatility. No matter the weather, you’re ready to ride with confidence and style. 
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